Which are the best DNS Monitoring services for 2023?

You want to have your servers always on, don’t you? To know they are online and everything works correctly. Then, you need to monitor your network and receive notifications for each problem. The best way to do it is with a DNS Monitoring service. Find out which are the best DNS Monitoring services for 2023!


Statuscake.com is a really handy DNS Monitoring service that has a free version too. Many people use it to keep their domain up. It has a feature to remind you when you need to renew your domain. If you have many, that can come in really conveniently. It can also alert you for any “fishy” activity related to your domain name.

In its free plan, you can get up to 10 monitors, with a minimum interval of 5 minutes, and monitor capabilities for one domain. For $20.41 per month, you can increase the monitors to 50, and for $66.66 per month, you can get it up to 120 monitors and the monitor interval down to 30 seconds.


The first great thing that ClouDNS.net has is a free plan. You can use it, create an account and explore the control panel. You will see how it works, and you can adapt to using it.

What you can get are ICMP Ping checks, Web checks, TCP monitoring, UDP, specific DNS queries, Heartbeat monitoring, and more. It has an impressive amount of different monitors that can be very useful.

With plans starting just at just $2.95 and going up to $14.95, it is a very affordable DNS Monitoring service. In addition, they have absolutely Free Monitoring service, which have 1 monitoring check.

You will get between 20 and 200 monitoring checks which is a great offer.


Uptrends has a DNS monitor with multiple plans for different needs. Sadly, it has just a free 30-day trial and no free tier, but it still can be useful to many people. What is great about the company is that it can offer you 231 checkpoints, which is impressive. It offers additional services, like API monitoring and Web Performance Monitoring, that will provide you extra value.

The Starter plan is $17.50 per month, and the most expensive at the moment is the Professional plan, which costs $245.09. The first offers 50 monitors and the second 250. You can also get a plan in which you pay per monitor too.


DNS Spy, just like the rest of the monitors here, can check different types of DNS records. What it focuses on is the changes in DNS records. If some bad agent (cybercriminal) changes any of the DNS records, it can notify you and save you a lot of trouble. It also keeps the history of DNS record changes. The cheapest plan is called Light and cost €4.99 per month, and you can check 5 domain and an unlimited number of DNS records. There are two more plans, Standard for 25 domains (€9.99) and Premium for 50 domains (€19.99). It is more limited in functionality but really good for its main purpose.  


All of the DNS Monitoring services we mentioned before are great. Check your needs and budget and select the best for you.

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