DNSSEC – Why is it so beneficial?

Speaking bluntly, the Domain Name System (DNS) is the backbone of today’s big Internet. But such important creation got born without a security system. Without DNS, there’s no Internet, at least not in the comfortable way we know it now. Would you trust the Internet knowing that its backbone operates without security? Well, from here, you have a clue to know why DNSSEC is so beneficial. But we can go deeper!

DNSSEC definition

DNSSEC is how the security extensions to the DNS are named. It means Domain Name System Security Extensions. This group of security solutions was created to authenticate and protect DNS traffic. It’s the security layer of the DNS and the Internet that is needed to work safer. It adds cryptographic signatures to DNS records.

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DNSSEC protects you, your online business, and regular users from obtaining malicious data. Tampered data will be detected, discarded, and not sent to users.

DNSSEC – Why is it so beneficial?

Security. DNSSEC is so beneficial because of the security features it provides. Through the use of asymmetric encryption, these extensions allow authentication of the information exchanged between DNS servers and, later, between them and the users’ applications.

Data origin authentication. DNSSEC extensions provide this important feature, so resolver servers can verify cryptographically that the data they receive really come from the zone where they originated.

Data integrity protection. Through DNSSEC, resolver servers can check the integrity of data. If data got altered in transit, meaning during the time that passed after it got signed through the private key of the zone by the zone owner, the resolver will detect that and won’t send the tampered data.

Trustable keys. It works with public and private keys to sign DNS records. Every zone has to publish its public key to make it available for resolvers. They all will need this key to verify data in that zone. Unfortunately, this public key can also be altered by criminals. The good news is DNSSEC provides the resolvers with a way to authenticate the public key too. It has to be signed, just like the rest of the data in the zone.

Prevention of cyber attacks. It allows you to avoid attacks like cache poisoning, man-in-the-middle, and more.

Easy installation. Install DNSSEC in the zones or the resolvers required only a few steps of configuration, and that’s it. From that moment, they can work safely, protecting you and all users.

Security base for more protocols. The development of the extensions keeps evolving. Every day, more protocols that demand data protection rely on DNSSEC. They (DEN, DKIM, DMARC, etc.) only work in zones that have been properly signed.

Security for end users. DNSSEC means protection for your clients, and they appreciate that. People look for trustable businesses to get the products and services they require.


DNSSEC is so beneficial to secure the vulnerabilities the DNS has. It makes both DNS and the Internet safer. Your business DNS data are vital. Don’t risk it! Sign with DNSSEC.

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