Free Monitoring service – Everything you need to know

The goal of the Free Monitoring service

Once you’ve landed on this article, then you probably want to learn what a Free Monitoring service is. Okay, great. In the previous article, we explained what Heartbeat Monitoring is. Its function is to check the physical state of your devices. But do these two things have anything in common? The answer is yes. Free Monitoring service is a set of goodies through which you can do checks. That is, it can include various checks like Heartbeat Monitoring, DNS Monitoring, TCP Monitoring, Ping Monitoring, etc. 

Forever Free Monitoring service plan that is worth your attention!

So, we can say that the Free Monitoring service is a free resource through which you will get information about the state of your servers that you use for web, email, DNS, and other things. It allows you to track and understand the status of your servers instantly. In addition, regular network monitoring will allow you to spot various problems, including component failure and increased traffic. 

How and from where can you take advantage of it?

Find a reputable source if you want to take advantage of the Free Monitoring service. Examples of some of these are as follows:

  • The first trustworthy Monitoring service provider is UptimeRobot. It is a company that provides website uptime monitoring services. Plans for paid and Free Monitoring are both offered. 50 monitors and five-minute inspections are additional features of the Free version. It allows you to view the website’s performance in real-time! Using this tool, you may determine whether a specific keyword appears in the website’s HTML source.
  • ClouDNS is the following. For both large and small businesses, it provides both Premium and Free options. The Free Monitoring plan only allows for one monitoring check. Furthermore, around 80 monitoring locations can be found worldwide. The monitoring time also lasts for 10, 15, 20, 30, and 60 minutes. Therefore, you will get seven days of record retention if you use the ClouDNS Monitoring service. Additionally, this DNS Hosting business provides 24/7 live chat support.
  • Statuscake is the last provider on our list. It was founded in 2012 and had its headquarters in London. Like the other two, it has a Free and Premium plan. The Free program includes ten uptime monitoring checks with a 5-minute test interval. Additionally, you will be informed via email and platform reports if something goes wrong.

Advantages of implementing Free Monitoring service

  • Free of charge. Yes, this service’s primary advantage is that it is entirely free. You are not required to pay anything.
  • Receive notifications in real-time. You’ll receive prompt uptime notifications when your website is down so that you may restore it as soon as feasible.
  • Watch from a variety of PoPs throughout the globe. You can make sure that your customers can access your website and that response times are reasonable all over the world by having different locations.
  • Cost-efficient answer. You can get dependable service for nothing.
  • Improve the stability of the network. Yes, you will be safer by using it because you will be able to keep an eye on your traffic and act quickly if something goes wrong.


Let’s recap! Unquestionably, Free Monitoring is a valuable solution for your online business. It is better suited to companies with low to medium traffic, nevertheless. By seeking a reputable and competent monitoring company, you can make use of this service.

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